Join the Connect2Scale Angel Academy Empowering the Next Generation of Business Angels

Welcome to Connect2Scale Angel Academy, an exclusive programme designed for both aspiring and seasoned angel investors. Brought to you by Connect2Scale, this initiative offers a comprehensive suite of trainings, knowledge-sharing sessions, and networking opportunities, tailored to elevate your investment expertise.

Key Highlights

Dive into an immersive learning experience with 4 Next Gen Angel Investors training sessions and 4 Mature Investors tailormade trainings. The programme includes kick-off events across multiple BANs, specialized online trainings for next generation and mature angels, and insightful on-site knowledge sharing sessions.

Inspiring Kick-Off Events:

Participate in our kick-off events scheduled in January 2024, hosted by Business Angels Networks: FiBAN, EstBAN, LitBAN, LatBAN and Business angels of Slovenia. These events are open to the public (registraton needed), focusing on inspiration, networking, and knowledge sharing complemented by keynotes and panels.

Exclusive Online Trainings:

Engage in our online and off-line trainings for next generation angels in spring and mature angels in autumn. The sessions for the NextGenAngels cover practical topics like portfolio building, startup valuation, DD and value creation. We’ll bump up the game for Mature Investors with building a strong group of seasoned angels and early and later stage VC’s to learn about designing an exit, venture capital strategies, delivered by leading experts in the field.

Valuable Networking Opportunities:

Connect with a diverse group of angels, VCs, policymakers, startups, and ecosystem players. Enhance your network and learn from peers and industry leaders through our interactive sessions.

Certification and Special Offers:

Earn a certificate of completion by attending at least three trainings. Plus, get exclusive discounts for the EBAN Congress 2024 if you attend all four trainings and invitation to C2S Lighthouse Expedition!

2024 Timeline:

Mark your calendars for a series of engaging events and trainings, starting from January 2024. Each session is carefully planned to provide maximum value and learning. Register here

For Both Aspiring and Experienced Angels:

Whether you’re new to angel investing or have a portfolio of investments, our program is designed to cater to all levels of experience. With a focus on practical knowledge and hands-on examples, Angel Academy is your gateway to becoming a more effective and successful investor.

Join Us at Angel Academy | starting in March

Register now and take the first step towards enhancing your investment skills with Angel Academy at Connect2Scale.

Investment Lighthouses:

Explore online one-stop shops offering insights into specific countries’ investment ecosystems. These lighthouses serve as windows for investors, offering comprehensive information for informed decision-making when exploring local investment opportunities.
The go-to resource for investors seeking information on regulatory frameworks, networks, and opportunities in foreign countries.


Building Bridges and Strengthening Communities

Participate in networking and community-building events focused on fostering collaboration between VCs and angels. Sector-based discussion groups facilitate ongoing conversations, providing actionable insights for members, VCs, portfolio start-ups, and corporate partners.


Embark on face-to-face meetings and discussions between members of different angel networks. Our study trips to startup ecosystems foster:

  • cross-border cooperation
  • trust-building
  • knowledge sharing

Combined with Pitching Days at the Lighthouses, these expeditions create platforms for investors and startups to connect, share knowledge, and catalyze growth.

Ecosystem roundtables

Bridging the Divide

Join us as we break down the barriers between government officials, ministry representatives, and professionals in business and investment fields. Our Investment Ecosystem Roundtables aim to foster collaboration, reduce obstacles, and build a shared understanding of the challenges and unique aspects of the ecosystem.
What are the Roundtables about:

  • Collaborative Engagement: Facilitate interaction between government representatives, business leaders, and investors to encourage joint problem-solving.
  • Inclusive Discussions: Engage in joint activities with local and pan-European policy and decision makers, fostering collaboration in legislative and policy-making networks.
  • Focused Agenda: Address the core issues by concentrating on building a robust legislative, incentive, and taxing system collaboratively.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse group of professionals to enhance your understanding of the investment landscape.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:

Connect2Scale is not just an initiative; it’s your gateway to a vibrant, interconnected investment landscape. Join us on this exciting journey to shape the future of investment ecosystems across Europe!