Empower Your Startup Journey with Connect2Scale: Fueling Growth, Building Connections

Welcome to Connect2Scale, a dynamic programme dedicated to amplifying the success of startups through strategic connections, targeted visibility, and robust support. Our mission is to bridge the gap between funding cycles and propel startups towards unprecedented growth. Here’s how Connect2Scale can elevate your startup experience:

Unlocking growth opportunities

Advocating and Strengthening Networks:

Connect2Scale is committed to empowering startups by advocating and fortifying angel and VC networks. By doing so, we create a fertile ground for scaling and growth, closing the gap between funding cycles and opening doors to new possibilities.

Build Connections, Gain Visibility

Elevate your startup’s profile by connecting with Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Business Angels. Our platform shines a spotlight on angel portfolios through engaging pitching events, fostering connections that can propel your startup to new heights.

Founders Club: Nurturing Growth, Reducing Challenges

Join our exclusive Connect2Scale Founders Club and access a peer-to-peer platform designed to support your startup’s growth. Enjoy benefits such as networking events, community-building activities, and inspiration for cross-border investments.

Peer-to-Peer Platform:

Connect2Scale Founders Club is your gateway to overcoming scaling challenges. All portfolio companies entering our programme are invited to join, gaining access to a wealth of activities and information to fuel their scaling journey.

Training, Mentoring, and More:

Discover a plethora of opportunities, from training and mentoring to benefits that amplify your startup’s activities. The Founders Club opens doors to piloting opportunities and activities fostering both personal and business growth.

Investment Reactor Showcases: Catalyzing VC Investments

Pitching Days

Fueling VC investments is at the heart of Connect2Scale. Through Investment Reactor Showcases, we facilitate investor access to deals aligning with their criteria. Experience five dedicated Pitching Days featuring sessions, value-based matchmaking, networking, and introductions.

Tailored Tracks

Our Pitching Days are organized into tracks based on VC mapping, ensuring relevance and precision. Before each event, an open application invites business angels and their portfolio startups to showcase their potential in front of VCs.

Visibility and Connections

Connect2Scale invites business angels, VCs, startup experts, and local journalists to our Pitching Days. Join us in fostering valuable connections and increasing the program’s visibility, ensuring your startup gets the attention it deserves.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:

At Connect2Scale, we’re more than a program; we’re your catalyst for growth, your gateway to connections, and your partner in success. Join us and let’s scale new heights together!